You are not alone when it comes to straightening hair. Lot of ladies face issues when it comes to hair straightening. But here’s a solution to all your problems. Compact, easy to use, dual-purpose, and quite low cost, the best hair straightening brush for your needs is out there for you to find.

Straightener although good for travel are quite expensive. You need a lot of bucks to get one of those. A hair straightening brush on the other hand is inexpensive, compact, and keeps hair tangle free & maintains shine.



Very rarely women posses superwoman powers which can style their hair in a sleek perfection in a blink of a eye. Unless you are that superwoman (if you are , i want to meet you :) ), you need to know about Magictec. Magictec is a flat-iron hair straightener with a built-in comb, which also provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and simulates hair follicles; ideal for daily use by women or men. Magictec was created to solve a problem many women face everyday – lack of time to do their hair. Think of it as a mashup of flat iron and a hand-brush.

My thoughts

I bought a Magictec brush myself from amazon and boy it was worth the bucks. I used straightening iron which I was addicted to. I had no other option until a friend of mine told me about Magictec. You see, when i get up in the mornings, my hair is a big huge brush. I need to straighten it to give it a silky look and often with straightening iron, my hair smelt like a burnt wood. My straightening iron was damaging my hair.

I was excited to try Magictec. It’s easy to use, heats pretty quickly and more over my hair responded quite friendly to their new Magictec friend. And I am loving it :)