Summer is coming and fashion ladies are all about what to buy for this summer. Here are some of the dresses you can wear for this summer.

Summer dresses to own and wear this summer

1) Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses come on different colors. They are so comfy and sexy that ever woman must wear this style this summer. Maxi dresses can be worn for every occasion as well as can be worn to take a stroll on beaches. Be ready to get a photo shoot on one of the beaches in California if you own one of these :)



2) Midi dresses

Midi dresses not just make you look elegant but also gives a sexy look. Most worn for casual summer parties, these dresses make you look sexy and cool. If you are planning to buy midi dresses, try to get the ones which have flowers on them. I would prefer light colored midi dresses, but even the one which come in dark shades look cool as well. Checkout how pretty these girls look in midi. Midi with high heals is all about looking adorable and pretty.








3) Beach summer dresses

No one is  ever complete without these. If you are in san diego or LA, these are must have. Choose the beach dresses which make you look like mermaids. I am going to show you some suggestions and then will tell you some of the dresses which I bought for this summer :)





Some of my personal favorites which I bought from amazon:

1) Sidefeel Women Off Shoulder Sleeve High Low Skater Dress

I bought this dress some time back and I am really loving it. It is really comfortable and the long short skater look makes this off shoulder dress look perfect on me. This dress is super adorable and is definitely recommended for this summer.

2) Sleeve v neck

I bought the blue color shade in this. This definitely looks pretty and the texture is amazing. Fabric is stretchy and design is pretty modest as well. This is more of a casual dress but can be very well worn for summer parties and beach occasions.