My Shopping Dream List for 2017 – Part 2

After the last post of publishing my dreamlist, I got tremendous support from my readers who wanted me to write another post. And hey, my dreamlist is never ending. I have planned my list for next year and next to next as well. :) Here are some things I will not miss buying this holiday season. Hubby have your wallet upsized and get a promotion. You got an amazing shopaholic wife :)

#1 Instant Pot

Over the last few years, I’ve been simplifying and reducing the tools and appliances in our kitchen and only keeping the ones we use often. In fact, our kitchen now has a simple assortment of unusual appliances and tools that we use every day. One appliance that has recently earned its place on the list is the Instant Pot.

As a multi-use gadget it could conceivably replace a slow-cooker, rice-cooker, saute pan, and steamer. I’ve even had friends tell me that they now use the Instant Pot so often that they rarely use their stove and oven. I certainly can’t see the Instant Pot replacing my oven and stove, but it definitely could if I ever needed it to if one of those appliances broke.

This is #1 strong buy in my list for 2017



#2 Ancestry

I have heard that if you use Ancestry, your DNA is analyzed at hundreds of thousands of genetic markers for a personalized report on your ethnicity and newly discovered relatives. How cool is that! It can open many paths of discovery and lead to new relatives you would never have known. After you link your results to your tree you may begin to find shared ancestor hints and DNA circles in your account. Over 3 million people have taken the test and our community is growing daily. And with every new test taken, your potential for making new discoveries gets even better.

I had seen it on discount on blackfriday, hopefully it’s on discount for Cyber Monday as well. Strong Buy for this holidays.

#3 Apple Macbook

 I buy one every year. Who wouldn’t love a straight off 300 on such an incredible device.
Add some fun to your basement hangout, dorm room, or bedroom with a super comfy bean bag chair!  How about a form-fitting memory foam chair that’s big enough to share?

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