The Nature Of Fashion

Nature hash inspired fashion designers to a great extent. Today we are covering a few runway dresses inspired by Nature.

Elie Saab & Sunset

Beautiful shaded of sunset in the Elie Saab design.



Marchesa & Red Leaves

Color red has always looked elegant on ladies. Marchesa’s pattern of red leaves make the dark red shade look even more elegant.



Bottega Veneta  & Stormy Sky

Bottega’s stormy design is only for bold ladies. The shiny lightening along with dark clouds make the dress look even more powerful.



Jason Wu  & Starry Night “Silhouettes” by Harry Finde

Dresses with Silhouettes have always sparkled romance. Jason Wu’s Starry Nigh is made for even dresses and romantic evenings.



Gosia Baczynska  & Beautiful Fields


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