5 Tips For A Stress Free Blackfriday Shopping

It’s almost Thanksgiving Week here in the states, and we all know what that means…time to get ready for the biggest shopping weekend of the year! Black Friday is only one week away and with how busy everyone tends to be, I’m sure the time will fly by. To help everyone get prepared and focused (cause this is a serious event in America, y’all), I thought I’d share my tips for getting the most out of your Black Friday shopping.


Make sure you have a list written down (either on paper or on your phone) of the sales you want to get in on and of the gifts you need to buy. Have a full tank of gas in you vehicle so you don’t have to worry about stopping at a gas station halfway through shopping. Double check your wallet to be sure you have all the cash and cards you need, and don’t forget to fully charge your phone before leaving the house if you don’t have a charger for your car. Don’t forget to take some snacks with you too, in case you need some extra energy throughout the day. Taking the time a day or two before to get prepared will help save you a lot of time and stress the morning of, so you can focus and get your shopping done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Eager Retailers Greet Crowds Of Shoppers On "Black Friday"


Like I said before, having a list handy is super important. Write down all of the different shops you want to stop at. Write down the different sales going on that you want to get in on. Write down who you’re shopping for and what gifts you want to get for them. Nothing is worse than getting home after hours of shopping (with a bunch of cranky shoppers, no less) only to realize that you forgot half of what you went out to buy. I’ve been there before. Trust me, no fun at all.


Once you’ve made your list and know where you’re going, map out all of your stops. Try to create a route that will get you to everywhere you need to stop, in the shortest amount of time. Doing this will save you a lot of time, gas, and stress.



The easiest way to have a headache-free Black Friday is to do as much of your shopping as you can online. Most stores honor their in-store coupons online now too, so check the stores you’d need to stop at ahead of time to see if you can just make your purchases online instead. Don’t forget to check out sites like RetailMeNot for all kinds of coupons and deals to use when shopping online.


Sometimes, no matter how much you plan ahead, your game plan just doesn’t work out. Maybe you got to a store late and missed out on a sale, or maybe they completely sold out of the item you needed. Do a little research beforehand, and see if there’s a later sale you can get in on, or perhaps you get the same item online instead (see Tip #4). Keep a couple stores written down on your list (like Walmart or Target) that you can stop at last to pick up any items you were unable to purchase earlier in the day.




List of things I want to buy this Black Friday:

1) Echo Dot
2)  Makeup Mirror
3) Ninja Blender

4) Roomba
5) Smart Plug
6) A branded satchel 

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