Must have fitness accessories

In this post we will cover some of the fitness accessories you didn’t know you needed until now.

#1 Hold the Phone

Are you one of those people who gets a bit freaked out if you can’t see your mobile at all times? Then you might need one of these – a handy iPhone holder to mount your phone on the front of your bike. Make sure you stay aware of the road though!



#2 Head Start

Ears are really useful most of the time, except when you’re running in the winter and they get freezing cold. While hats can leave you in a sweat, this headband is breathable and comfortable. Plus it’s easier to fit over a ponytail!



#3 Shake It Up

How clever is this little bottle? It clips onto your blender at home so you can prepare protein shakes, smoothies or milkshakes, then you simply clip off and carry it to the gym. Genius!



#4 Mr Motivator

Are you one of those people who regularly takes your gym kit to work full of high hopes, only to return it home without having donned your trainers? Perhaps this bag will provide you with the extra push you need.



#5 Magic Touch

There is nothing more annoying when you’re running than having to constantly remove your gloves every time you want to change songs or check mileage on your phone. These clever gloves promise hassle-free touchscreen operation, plus snug hands.



#6 Wild Thing

Obviously the point of a cycling helmet is to keep safe, but wouldn’t it be nice if they looked good too? Well here it is – a tres chic leopard print helmet which passes industry safety standards, as well as the discerning eyes of the Cosmo fashion team.



#7 Keep The Rhythm

Prepare to have your mind blown, and your swims made much more musical, with these waterproof headphones. WATERPROOF HEADPHONES. You will of course also need something waterproof to store your iPod in,




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