Winter Boots – Picking the right one for You

A question we answer is a lot is “What is the difference between this boot and that boot?” It is a great question! With so many features and a few different price points there are times it can be overwhelming. Never fear, we are here to help!

Let’s break it down- There are a series of questions one must ask themselves in order to choose the best Winter Boot;

What temperatures are you wearing the boots in?
What are you using the boots for?
What boot height do you prefer?
Once you have answered these questions you can narrow down the selection of boots on our website.


By narrowing down the selection on the right of you screen on our website you will get a page of boots that have the correct comfort rating (40-95 degrees). More than likely you will choose the Chore Cool Hi….just a lucky guess as it seems to be a fan favorite.



Why does the temperature matter so much?

Winter Boots are made for a wide range of temperatures, anywhere from -60 degrees all the way up to 95 degrees. It’s safe to say you wouldn’t want to wear a boot rated for 40- 95 degree temperatures while you are ice fishing.


Does it really matter what I will be doing when I wear my Muck Boots?

Why yes it does! Would you want a boot that has a gripping sole and assures you don’t have suction when walking through Mud? If so, the Wetland is perfect for you! How about the Vibram sole which offers the best slip resistance? This boot is great for many fields but shines when it comes to Food Manufacturing Plants or someone who uses the stairs a lot in slippery conditions.



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