What to wear to Thanksgiving

Ready to take it up a notch this holiday? Try out any of the following Thanksgiving outfit ideas to not only look great, but remain comfortable while you enjoy your holiday feast!

Sweater Dresses

For a sophisticated look that is still completely comfortable, choosing a sweater dress is a phenomenal option. Because these dresses come in a variety of shapes, knits, and colors, it’s best to go with a style in a fall color – we love burgundy – and a style that isn’t completely tight fitting. This way, you’ll be perfectly comfy regardless of how many times you go back for seconds.


The Oversized Top & Leggings

Even if your Thanksgiving fashion choices favor comfort over anything else, you can still look stylish with minimal effort when you pair an oversized top – like the one below – with leggings. Choosing a cowl neck or fun earrings can take your outfit to the next level without hampering your ability to eat ridiculous amounts of food.


Awesome Accessories

No matter how dressed up or dressed down you decide is appropriate, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show off your favorite accessories. Our picks? A fun chunky scarf and boots or booties make any outfit feel like fall, as well as fight off the inevitable chill in the air on Turkey Day.



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